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“Let’s talk about it”: A new dialogue between Science and Society


Université de Lyon, through its Science and Society department has developed a new system for dialogue between researchers and civil society entitled: “Let’s talk about it” [Et si on en parlait?].

This scheme provides a forum for questioning, debating and coming together to discuss science topics in society.It is part of a general shift in scientific culture.This trend started out as an increasing interest in disseminating knowledge and is currently shifting towards providing support for dialogue between stakeholders from the scientific world and general public on subjects relating to scientific issues and their impact on society (technological, political, economic, environmental, social etc.).The aim is to encourage the co-construction of knowledge by researchers and a variety of civil society stakeholders experts or not in the subjects up for debate.

“Let’s talk about it” aims to:
– tackle scientific issues which are the subject of public debate due to the real or potential social considerations associated with them
– involve different scientific stakeholders:Researchers in complementary disciplines and/or holding divergent views
– involve different civil society stakeholders in discussions, notably through workshops which will be held prior to the meetings, open to experts and laymen alike
– encourage these populations to participate by inventing conditions and tools which will allow them to express themselves
– provide opportunities for direct contact between scientists and other populations, thereby promoting the observation and understanding of the research sector
– Work with a long term perspective, prioritizing the involvement of stakeholders and territorial dynamics.

The City of Lyon, Grand Lyon – Knowledge City, Rhône-Alpes region and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research are all partners of the initiative.

Science and Society department 
Samuel Belaud, Science & Society Mediation Manager
Université de Lyon

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